Ideal LONG BLUNT BOB online class by worldwide known conceptual hairdressing school DEMETRIUS
From award-winning fashion top stylist working in DEMETRIUS haircutting technique.
  • Celebrity trainer with millions of views on YouTube 
  • Finalist of the #oneshot hair awards by Behind the chair in BOB OF THE YEAR nomination 
  • Leading trainer at the DEMETRIUS Hairdressing School 

What you'll learn during this online class:
  • How to make super graphic blunt bob with maximum texture from start to finish
  • The brand-new DEMETRIUS technique – signature of the best Hairdressing School in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Theory and schemes of the haircut 
  • Detailed demo of the process with explanations 
  • How to make stunning volume on the back
  • Tips on creating accurate and graphic shape 
  • How to combine graphic form and movable texture + texturizing tips

And BONUS from trainer:
  • How to choose care cosmetics for different hair types 
  • Texturizing techniques in practice
  • Styling class 
  • How to prepare a model for photoshoot to get perfect pics for your portfolio

Advantages of DEMETRIUS online classes:
  • NEXT-GENERATION technique for easy and fast result 
  • PROFESSIONAL shooting with 3 cameras (not poor-quality life Instagram shooting with a phone)
  • UNLIMITED access to online class
DEMETRIUS technique – is a next-generation method of performing super accurate and graphic haircuts with fast and 100% predictable result. 

  • Universal – can be used to make any haircut and suits all types of hair.
  • Super accurate lines + maximum texture (brand new alternative to difficult Vidal Sassoon techique).
  • Saves up to 50% of time.
  • Total control during the process - no surprises.
  • Gives possibility to correct the form of a haircut at any stage of the process.
  • Easy in styling even at home.
  • Work at high prices.

                                                                             Duration: 2h