Demetrius - Dmitry Vasheshnikovs conceptual haircut school in Moscow

SUPER!! How can I choose a trainer now? We have taken the classes with all the beauty studio. And we fell in love with all the trainers! We love you!
The DEMETRIUS technique
Набор моделей на стрижку
The DEMETRIUS haircutting technique is a next-generation method of performing super accurate and graphic haircuts with fast and 100% predictable result. A haircut is performed in divided blocks, and thus saves the shape for up to 3 months and is easy in styling. The technique makes a stylist exclusive for their clients.
Сверхзадача школы «Деметриус»
The DEMETRIUS School’s students have super task - not only to master a unique haircutting technique, but also to break out of mental slavery and become free! DEMETRIUS stylists believe that a hairdresser is not a servant but a leader and educator for their clients.
Dmitry Vasheshnikov
Дмитрий Вашешников
Dmitry Vasheshnikov is the main ideologist of the beauty industry in Russia
- Founder of the DEMETRIUS Conceptual Haircut School
-Author of bestsellers for people in the beauty industry
- Winner of hairdressing competitions
- Speaker of congresses and forums
- The Father of the Beauty Industry in Russia
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